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I  am providing therapy to current clients by video for the time being. I am also taking on a limited amount of new patients. Please reach out on my contact page or by phone or email if you'd like to begin....

Therapy is a powerful process through which you can achieve your goals of self-actualization and fulfillment. I invite you to contact me and discover the great potential in therapeutic work.

Beginning therapy is entering into an unconditional and non-judgmental relationship. The relationship is the container in which change occurs. Through insight and change, I will be by your side as you progress.

Whether you want to get unstuck, improve your life, shift your focus, or address a particular issue or set of issues, therapy can help you to achieve goals of fulfillment and contentment. You may be looking for greater enjoyment in your life, wondering why you can't quite get there.  You may be looking to quiet an ever present anxiety or symptoms of depression. There are endless combinations of goals that can be set and met in therapy. Within this diversity there are many ways to work in therapy, many tools we can use to achieve your particular goals. It is a big step to enter into therapy and the rewards can be incredible. 

I work with Individuals, couples, families & groups. Below are more details about each process:

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Individual Therapy

There is truly great potential in therapeutic work. Therapy is a powerful tool that can help you achieve self-actualization and growth. By cultivating a deeper understanding of yourself and your environment, your past and your patterns, we are able to forge forward together, overcome issues, achieve goals and create a more harmonious and fulfilling life. The ability to see more clearly and gain perspective gives you insight into yourself and your relationships. The potential for change is powerful and great.

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Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, we will address the specific issues your couple brings into therapy. Some couples come in wanting a deeper bond, wanting to work through communication issues or wanting to work on sexual intimacy. Trauma and infidelity are also issues that therapy can help to resolve. Whatever your particular goals, by delving into the deeper causes of your conflicts, we are able to have insight as to what is in the way of your happiness. Exercises and sometimes homework will lead to more understanding of each other and your relationship dynamic. Creating insight is key to feeling hope and having a full and successful relationship. 

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Families & Groups

Family work is especially powerful because we are able to recognize and experience dynamics & patterns in real time. By including family members into the therapeutic process, healing and growth are often accelerated. A greater understanding of one's self and one's family constellation is a potent experience.

Group work is usually organized around a theme or subject matter common to all members. By gathering with others and learning together one can come to realizations about one's self, and get invaluable support and information that can provide enduring growth and satisfaction. Groups generally are limited to 8 individuals, meet weekly and run 6 to 8 weeks. 

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